"Torpedo Boats Named"

WASHINGTON, March 6 - Sec. Herbert today issued an order naming the new torpedo boats as follows: No. 11, Farragut; No. 6, Porter; No. 7, Dupont; No. 5, Dalgren; No. 10, T. A. Craven.

The vessels are named after naval officers who served with distinction during the war of the rebellion. The order changes to "Porter" the name of torpedo boat No. 6, which a few weeks ago had been christened "Farragut," in order that No. 11, which is a much larger boat and which is expected to make much greater speed, may be called after the leading admiral.

No. 10 is named for Tunis A. Craven, who was lost when commanding the monitor Tecumseh in Mobile Bay, and who, when the pilot told him it was time to abandon ship, replied, "After you, pilot." The pilot alone lived to tell the story.

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