Jersey City Iron-Clads

The three Ericsson batteries now building at Fulton Fondry Shipyard, Jersey City, are fast nearing completion, and if the engines were ready could soon be launched. They are the Tecumseh, Manhattan and Mahopac. Their length if 225 feet, breadth of beam 40 feet, and 13 1/2 feet deep, and will draw when ready for sea about nine feet six inches. They are built upon an improved plan, and, having more engine and boiler, will far exceed former iron-clads in respect to speed. One cannot but be struck with the beauty of model and quality of workmanship and finish. It is expected that at least eleven or twelve miles an hour can be obtained. No pains nor expense are spared by the contractor to make those vessels second to none. The decks will be of oak, instead of pine, and will also be heavier plated. The projection of the4 deck is unlike the other Monitors, but gradually rises from the hull to the deck, in such a manner as not to be affected by the sea, or in the least endanger her in a sea way. All defects in other iron-clads have been carefully avoided and prevented. The officers' quarters will be forward, and very roomy, and will be higher, they being some eighteen inches deeper than the others. It is astonishing with what rapidity these vessels have been built, considering the number of unpleasent days we have had this spring. The Tecumseh is now waiting for her engines, and will be ready to launch about the 1st of July, and the others are being finished rapidly, and will follow soon after her. They are being built by Zeno Secor, and are under the immediate supervision of George Birkbeck, Jr.

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