"Was Naval Hero's Widow"

Mrs. Craven, Whose Husband Said, "After You, Pilot," is Dead.

Mrs. Marie Louise Craven died at her residence, 38 West Ninth Street, in this city yesterday. She was the widow of Commander T. Augustus Craven, United States Navy., who commanded the monitor Tecumseh at the battle of Mobile Bay Aug. 5, 1864, and whose heroic death is a matter of history. The Tecumseh was sunk by a torpedo while leading Farragut's fleet. The incident connected with Craven's death was related by John Collins, the pilot, who was in the pilot house with Craven at the moment of the explosion. The only way of escape was through a narrow opening only sufficient for one to pass through, toward which Captain and pilot instinctively made their way. When they reached the place together Craven drew back and said: "After you, pilot." "There was nothing after me," said Collins who lived to tell the story. "As I got out the vessel seemed to drop from under me."

The torpedo boat T. A. M. Craven, launched at Bath, Me., Sept. 23, 1899, is named in honor of Commander Craven.

Mrs. Craven had lived in this city for more than forty years. She had been identified, during her active years, with church and charitable work.

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