Peter C. Parker - Landsman

Peter C. Parker was born circa 1837 in New York, NY, United States and enlisted on 5 April 1864 at the New York Naval Rendezvous as a landsman for a 1 year term.[1]

Parker was attached to U.S.S. Chenango on 8 April 1864. Due to the Chenango's boiler explosion and subsequent temporary decommissioning on 21 April 1864, Parker was transferred to the U.S.S. Tecumseh the following day, 22 April 1864.[2]

Parker was one of the survivors of the sinking of the Tecumseh on 5 August 1864 and escaped the sinking vessel in the monitor's cutter [3].

Per his rendezvous index card, Parker was next attached to the U.S.S. Mobile and then the U.S.S. Lenapee on 7 January 1865. He was discharged from the Navy on 13 April 1865 at New York, NY [2].

Parker died 9 June 1908 in Ossining, New York



Awards & Memorials


Alternate Spellings of Name

Headstone reads "Peter G. Parker" however all his Navy paperwork and letters written by him give name as "Peter C. Parker"

References and Sources

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