"The "Tecumseh" Again: Litigation Over its Salvage"

WASHINGTON, August 10 - United States District Attorney Geo. M. Duskin, of the Southern District of Alabama, is here for the purpose of attempting to prevent a further destruction of the monitor "Tecumseh," sunk in Mobile harbor in 1864, when Farragut captured the forts. It is understood that a wrecking company purchased the monitor some months ago from Secretary Richardson, and notwithstanding the fact that two hundred men are entombed therein, were preparing to blow her up, for the purpose of preserving the old iron belonging to the vessel.

The facts in this case are that Attorney Duskin, after the sale of the "Tecumseh," filed a bill in the circuit court of the United States to prevent the Bell Boat Wrecking Company from blowing up the sunken vessel, and the court decided in favor of the bill filed. It is understood that the company have appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States,and the district attorney will endeavor to defeat their further action in the case.

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