"The Threat of a Sharp Speculator to Blow the Lost Iron-Clad Tecumseh to Pieces"

During the war the iron-class Tecumseh was sunk at the month of Mobile harbor, and to-day the remains of one hundred and fifty offices and sailors are entombed in this huge metallic case. The vessel sank in fifty feet of water, and being no longer of service to the country, in 1870 the sunken property was sold to one Slaughter for fifty dollars. The relatives of the deceased officers and sailors have been content so long as the hull remained untouched; but now that it is proposed by the owner of the wreck, who holds proper possession from te4h Treasury Department under provision of the act of June 21 1870, to blow it to pieces, secure the iron and brass, and make his purchase profitable, there comes a wail and protest from many sources, and Congress is asked to appropriate thirty thousand dollars to recover the remains before the rusty iron-clad is riven with torpedoes. The House Naval Committee does not believe that the owner of the wreck intends to do as he says, and the appropriation asked will not be favorably reported - Washington Corespondent Baltimore Gazette.

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