James Finn - Fireman 1st Class

James Finn was born circa 1838 in Ireland *. [1]

Finn first enlisted at the Marine Barracks, New York on 20 September 1858 as a private. He was stationed there until 6 May 1859 when he was attached to the U.S.S. John Adams. He served aboard her until 12 January 1862. He was discharged from the Marine Corps in New York on 13 February 1862.[4]

After his stint with the Marines, Finn enlisted as a Coal Heaver at the New York Naval Rendezvous on 26 March 1862. He was sent to the U.S.S. North Carolina and served aboard her until 3 April 1862. From there he was next attached to the U.S.S. Somerset until 5 October 1863. He was sent back to the North Carolina where he was discharged from the Navy on 8 December 1863.[4]

Finn re-enlisted in the Navy as a Fireman 1st Class again in New York on 19 April 1864 and was sent to the U.S.S. Tecumseh on 25 April. [2], [4]

On 5 July 1864, Finn was sent to Naval Hospital Portsmouth with "hepatitis chronica" and as a result, missed the Tecumseh's sailing for Pensacola. He was discharged from the hospital and the Navy on 26 August 1864.[2], [3]

Finn again enlisted in the Navy on 13 April 1867 aboard the U.S.S. Estrella as a Fireman 2nd Class and served aboard her until 15 June 1867; the U.S.S. Tacony to 4 September 1867; the U.S.S. Vandalia to 23 October 1867; the U.S.S. Piscataqua to 27 April 1870; the U.S.S. Idaho to 22 May 1870; the U.S.S. Independence to 30 June 1870; and finally aboard the the U.S.S. Vermont to 29 July 1870 when he was discharged for the last time.[4]

After he got out of the Navy, Finn worked as a gasfitter. He died 14 November 1879 in Brooklyn, NY.

(* note: Finn's enlistment on the 1863 rendezvous return and Danker's hospital admittance order gives his birthplace as New York. However, Finn's death certificate gives his birthplace as Ireland.)




Wife: Mary Elizabeth Madden Finn (married 14 December 1863)
Daughter: Ellen Finn (born 30 April 1871)
Daughter: Catherine Finn (born 12 October 1873)
Daughter: Annie C. Finn (born 5 April 1878)
Son: James Finn (born 19 March 1876)

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