"To Commemorate Heroism of Officers and Men"

A bill has been introduced in Congress by Representative Goulden to commemorate the heroism and sacrifice of the officers and men of the monitor Tecumseh, lost in leading the advancement at the battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864. Capt. Tunis A. M. Craven, was in command of the Tecumseh, was lost, and with him the greater part of his crew, number in all 114 officers and men. The pilot, John Collins, and a few men who were in the turret, jumped into the water and were rescued. The exclamation which Capt. Craven made as the Tecumseh was sinking has become famous in the navy. Capt. Craven met the pilot at the foot of the latter leading to the top of the turret. The captain drew back from the ladder and said: "After you, pilot." Mr. Collins afterwards said: "There was nothing after me; when I reached the upmost round of the ladder, the vessel seemed to drop from under me."

Representative Maynard has introduced in Congress a bill proving for the recognition of the heroic services of Chief Boatswain Patrick Deery, and also to provide for his promotion. He is now on duty at the New York yard, and has been a chief boatswain since April 1904. Previous to that he had served for fourteen years as an enlisted man.

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