The U.S.S. Owasco Sailors

U.S.S. Owasco outboard line drawing

"Farragut is about to attack Mobile: he has not men enough now; and there will be hot work before he gets in. As 'The Owasco' is at the [Pensacola] Navy Yard for repairs, and will be unfit for duty until October, I have offered my services for the impending fight, and asked to be transferred temporarily to some vessel that will take an active part in the engagement. I came out here to fight for the cause; and I wish now to do all in my power to advance it; and I will never go home and have it said that I lay idle at the Navy Yard while gallant men were struggling to take Mobile. Have I done right, father?"

Last letter sent home by Ensign Walter Lawrence Titcomb (1841-1864)

Ensign Frederick Stephen Barlow, 2nd Assistant Engineer (the Owasco's CHENG)
Coal Heaver Charles Carson
Coal Heaver Edward Freeman
Coal Heaver James Hamilton
Ordinary Seaman John Loughrey
Coal Heaver Edward Magrath
Ordinary Seaman Peter Patrick McNally
1st Class Boy William McNally
Coal Heaver Thomas Riley
Coal Heaver David W. Terhune