Samuel S. Shinn - Gunner's Mate

Samuel S. Shinn was born circa 1835 in Philadelphia, PA. His final enlistment was on 14 April 1864 aboard the U.S.S. Minnesota at Hampton Roads, VA as a seaman for a 2 2/3 year enlistment[1]. He was in the Navy since he was at least sixteen per previous enlistment returns, however between his previous Navy discharge in 1863 and the enlistment aboard the Minnesota, he did a short stint in the Army before being transferred.

Shinn was immediately sent to the U.S.S. Tecumseh [1] as a petty officer with the rating of Gunner's Mate.

Shinn was one of the survivors of the sinking of the Tecumseh on 5 August 1864, escaping in the monitor's cutter [4]. From an interview shipmate Frank Cousins gave years later, Shinn was apparently the only survivor from the magazine.

Despatch #430 sent to SECNAV Welles from RADAM Farragut on 19 September 1864 notes that Shinn was rated an acting master's mate effective 5 August and attached to the U.S.S. Mobile [ex-Tennessee].

However Shinn wouldn't keep his new paygrade for very long since per despatch #543, Shinn's CO reported that he was put into the brig on 28 October for being intoxicated while on watch. As a result he was busted down by Farragut back to seaman.

Per his rendezvous index card, Shinn deserted from the Navy on 30 November 1864 [3].





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