Gilbert A. Lyman - Carpenter's Mate

Gilbert A. Lyman was born circa 1837 in Michigan and enlisted on 9 February 1864 at the New York Naval Rendezvous as a seaman for a one year enlistment term [1].

Per his rendezvous index card, Lyman first served on the U.S.S. Glaucus from the date of his enlistment until 22 April 1864 when he was ordered to the U.S.S Tecumseh as a petty officer with the rating of carpenter's mate.

Lyman was admitted to Naval Hospital Portsmouth on 22 June 1864 with "diarrhoea chronica" [3]. Per an affidavit written in 1893 by one of his shipmates, Peter Parker, for Alfred Holland's disability pension, Parker stated: "I think the water we drank had a good deal to do with the men getting sick with dysentery and diarrhea, as it was horrid water to drink.[4]"

Lyman was discharged to duty 19 August 1864 to the U.S.S. Calypso where he was rated as captain of the forecastle. He was discharged from the Navy on 9 February 1865.[5]

Lyman not aboard the Tecumseh during the Battle of Mobile Bay.

After the war, Lyman worked aboard civilian merchant vessels. In 1877, he was second mate aboard the schooner N. A. Farwell. On 5 October 1877, he fell from aloft from the foremast and was severely injured. On 8 October 1877, the N. A. Farwell sank while sailing between Bull River, GA, and Woods Hole, MA,[6] and Lyman due to his injury, was not able to escape the sinking vessel and went down with her[5].




Wife: Hannah Lyman (married 1860)

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